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ISO 9001 Registered Company BS EN ISO 9001:2015

All cabinets are CE marked and have calibration traceable to UKAS.

Certificates of conformity are supplied on request.

Due to continuous development we reserve the right to introduce improvements and /or modify specifications without prior notice.

About C&W Specialist Equipment Ltd

C & W Specialist Equipment Ltd is the UK's main manufacturer of accelerated corrosion and environmental test chambers. These chambers provide various controlled environments for testing products used throughout the industrial world, to see how they would perform when exposed to natural weathering elements.

The company was established in 1979, at which time British Industry was attempting to shake off its prevailing image for poor quality products in most of the western world. During the 1970's, German and Japanese manufacturing industry in particular had established a clear lead in quality products, especially in the automotive sector. Responding to the challenge, C & W launched a range of accelerated corrosion test chambers which provide the conditions essential to test for product reliability.

As the demand for quality assurance in industry as a whole grew during the 1980's,
C&W also introduced its product range to paint, chemical, surface coating, aerospace, offshore and electronic industries all over the world. Although there are under twenty employees in the Leintwardine factory, C & W has a network of distributors covering the European Community and Middle East as well as the U.S.A., Far East and Australia.

As well as cars, ships and aeroplanes, C & W cabinets are used to test the corrosion on many products including oil rigs, electrical insulators for electricity pylons, saw blades, ammunition, cookers, refrigeration units, baby car seats and even golf clubs, to name a few.

In 1994 C & W was awarded the BS EN ISO 9002 Certificate of Quality which reflects the philosophy of total quality and covers the company's product range, after sales service and calibration - all areas that are essential for customer confidence. This objective has been achieved through the continuous assessment of all manufacturing processes, driven by the company's attention to quality.

Our customers are constantly seeking ways to improve their own testing and quality assurance techniques. This means we have to be at least one step ahead. We are actively involved in research and development and already lead the way with adaptable cabinets that provide different salt spray, humidity and temperature atmospheres, operated at a constant level or in controlled, variable cycles.

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