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Salt Spray Cabinets

Standard Features include

EXTERNAL SALT SOLUTION RESERVOIR 114 litres capacity supplied on castors with integral filter; sufficient to allow 10 days continuous Operation. Easy cleaning to prevent algae growth and easy to fill.

with VARIABLE SPEED For accurate control of salt solution flow to the atomiser, indispensable for precise collection rates; also eliminates atomiser blockage

ACCURATE FLOWMETER Flush mounted, to monitor salt solution flow.

SOPHISTICATED LUCITE ATOMISER For baffle free mist generation ensuring precise fall- out readings throughout the chamber.

AIR REGULATOR AND PRESSURE GAUGE To control and monitor the air pressure required for precise salt fog collection rates.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL Micro Processor based with full P.l.D. control and resin coated Pt 100 temperature sensor allowing simple keypad settings with accurate digital display. Temperature Range - Ambient to 55° C. +/-1° C.

INTERMITTENT CYCLE TIMERS for salt spray cycle/dry cycle testing or for pre-set continuous salt spray tests - fully adjustable salt/dry cycles.

HOUR METER Re-settable to record test duration or total hours run.

DRY/MOIST (humid) AIR CONTROL Simple switch-over device for required setting, depending upon specified Standard procedure.

HUMIDIFIER UNIT Compact internal air saturation unit, fully protected against overheating and low water. Automatic, self-filling system.

HUMIDIFIER UNIT TEMPERATURE CONTROL Digital display of water temperature adlustable for different air pressures as specified in Standards.

AIR PURGE SYSTEM Designed to enable the swift evacuation of salt mist from inside the chamber and to prevent laboratory contamination when examination of test specimens is required.


Salt Spray Cabinet SF/450 Control Panel SF/450 Salt Spray Cabinet SF/100

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