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ISO 9001 Registered Company BS EN ISO 9001:2015

All cabinets are CE marked and have calibration traceable to UKAS.

Certificates of conformity are supplied on request.

Due to continuous development we reserve the right to introduce improvements and /or modify specifications without prior notice.

Humidity Conditioning Cabinets

C & W cabinets are designed to meet the Environmental testing requirements of the paint, plastic, packaging, paper, board, electronic, automotive, aerospace, military, textile and telecommunications industries.

The units function as variable humidity, temperature humidity, environmental, climatic or conditioning cabinets. Temperature and humidity testing and product conditioning is of vital importance to the research chemist, development engineer and quality assurance manager to ensure the product is researched developed and manufactured to a standard guaranteed to survive the environment for which it is designed.

All C & W cabinets are manufactured to a Registered quality system IS09002 (EN9002 BS5750) and our manufacturing procedures are documented including calibration traceable to NAMAS. (UKAS)

All C & W cabinets are versatile in their application, and are designed to perform to National and International Standards especially MIL STANDARDS, BS, ISO, ASTM, lEG, DIN EN and many major corporate standards including Ford, Nissan, Toyota, Honda, IBM - to name but a few.

The chambers are also widely used for basic environmental simulation, humidity testing and conditioning of products prior to their particular application


Sample Holder HCC/200/C Cabinet HCC/450/C Sample Holders HCC/450/C Control Panel HCC/200/C

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